Detroit police stepping up Greektown patrols in warmer months

As the number of visitors to the Greektown area rises with the warmer weather, so will the number of police keeping the peace.

For the second year in a row you'll see more officers out and about in hopes of curbing crime in one of the most popular parts of the city.

"There's a lot of kids down here. A lot of families come down here to the Riverwalk, up and down Greektown all the time. Plus on the weekend it's extra crowded so I think it's going to benefit a lot of people," says Detroiter Robert Littler. 

The many restaurants and bars often bring huge crowds to the Greektown corridor - and also some high profile crimes.

Earlier this month there was a stabbing on Monroe Street. There have also been shootings and even street fights caught on camera. But incidents that have been down since patrols have been up.

Some critics claim the increased presence proves police are more concerned about protecting downtown than other neighborhoods in need.

However the city's top cop says that isn't the case, that he meets with officials every month to determine which areas could use more officers and then makes necessary changes. The effort is to keep not just Greektown safe, but all of Detroit.

Many businesses in Greektown are also now being equipped with Project Green Light cameras, for police to monitor activities in real-time.