Detroit woman brutally beaten after being involved in car accident

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Skye Bacon says she was driving near the Boston Edison District when she was hit by another car.

When she stopped to look at the damage she was jumped by a group of people angry over the accident.

They left her bloody and beaten in the street. 

“You did this to me but you were in the wrong,” Bacon said. 

This Detroit mother of four involved in a brutal attack, she says a fender bender turned into a brawl.

“They're punching and swinging and scratching and they are grabbing my head,” she said. 

She was hit at Boston and Linwood on Wednesday evening, when she pulled over to check the damage that’s when a woman in the other car got out.

“She was just instantly mad wanted to fight she wanted to argue,” she said. 

Skye was pressed up against her van, while the woman screamed in her face.

“When I told her to get back she took the opportunity to start swinging on me then the other girl start swinging on me,” she said. 

A second woman jumped in then a man.

“The guy grabs my legs and yanks it from under me and I hit the ground and they start to stomp my face,” she said. 

It's unclear how the three are connected, Skye wasn't sure if they all were in the car that hit her.

Once she was almost unconscious they drove off before the police came. 

“I have blood and bruises behind this eye I have stitches and broken blood vessels,” Bacon said. 

That's just the start of a long list of serious trauma to her head.

“I can't help but be angry,” she said. 

Detroit Police are working to find out who attacked her; they do have gas station surveillance video to work with.

Skye is left with a lot of healing to do hoping investigators get these people off the streets soon.

“I didn't try to fight you I didn't want to fight you I just wanted to do this the right way and get it over with,” she said.