Detroit2Houston gathers 8 semis worth of supplies; trucks needed

A Michigan native and business owner is one of the thousands who were stranded in Houston following Hurricane Harvey. As she waited to try to get home, she launched a campaign to bring Detroit to Houston - and Detroit delivered.

Sherrie Handrinos organized the stuff-a-semi campaign on Saturday to help Houston. What happened in Detroit was an outpouring of the human spirit.

People from all over the region came through to stuff-a-semi with items like diapers to deodorant and everything in between. They hoped to fill one semi, they have enough to fill eight.

"I didn't think it was going to blow up like this. I didn't think there was a possibility of this. It's awesome," Handrinos said.

"People here have generous hearts, loving hearts. It brings me to so much emotion that we can help people. I can go home to my bed and these people can't. Whatever we can do to help people is just a blessing," Mary Anne Pacheco said.

But there's a small problem: they don't have eight semis.

Since Saturday, Sherrie has gotten another three semis so she's halfway there - but she still needs four more semis to get all the supplies to Houston.

"I just need trucks. I mean. Even if the trucks can't get to me until Friday, I'm okay with that. People still need things here. Whatever you can get to me, I'll take it," Handrinos said.

If you have connections to help out, Sherrie is asking you to contact her at and reach out to her in the comment section.

If you're not part of a trucking company but want to donate, reach out to her there as well.

"People want to give more. Here's the thing, we don't want items having to sit in parking lots. I need trucks first, once everything gets down here and we assess what's needed, I'm game for round 2."

CLICK HERE to donate.