Driver rams police car, escapes Highland Park traffic stop, 2 persons of interest sought

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Highland Park police pulled over a reckless driver who rammed a car to get away.

It happened at 1 a.m. Tuesday on Woodward Avenue outside the Woodward Inn. 

"Somebody could have really gotten hurt," said Katrina Harris, who lives at the Woodward Inn. "It could have been a tragedy."

One man working at the Woodward Inn, didn't realize what was happening - but became a witness.

"When I opened the gate, turns out what would have been a normal customer was being chased by the cops," he said.

Police say they tried to stop the vehicle earlier, but lost it down side streets. Once they box it in, police drew their guns.
No shots were fired even after the suspect put the car in reverse - hitting and disabling one police car - it moved it forward, just missing another officer.

"It was cowardly for them, scary for us," said the worker. "I have never seen anyone hit a cop car - that's extreme, I don't want to see it again."

Police released photos of persons of interest. 

The vehicle should have rear end damage from striking the scout car. Police say they waited to release the video in hopes someone will recognize them and reach out. Contact Highland Park police at 313-852-7338.