Earbuds block wax from draining out the canal, causing painful infections

Earbuds have become an everyday accessory. Everywhere you look it seems like somebody is wearing them. 

But doctors are warning to be cautious; don't leave them in for too long because it could be trouble. 

"The ear canal was not meant to be occluded," says otologist Dr. Darius Kohan. 

He says nothing should be obstructing the natural pathway of wax out of your ears. That could lead to a wax build-up causing irritation and a bad, painful infection. 

"When we put an earbud in here to be able to hear well, you're pushing the wax in. You're irritating the skin. So, especially if you leave the buds in for a long time the more irritation occurs."

He says earbuds are meant to fit tight, so when you're putting them on you're tightly pushing everything in. 

"If you have a history of cerumen blockage, if you have a history of frequent ear infections, don't put buds in. That's directly just asking for trouble."

And if you do frequently wear earbuds, make sure to clean them often.