Elderly woman kidnap suspect also caused Macomb County 10-car pileup

Police have discovered the same man who kidnapped an 86-year-old woman Friday had also caused a 10-car crash that critically injured three people two weeks ago.

"There's really no way to say look here's a guy that was just involved in a major pile-up up in Washington Township and in a week he's going to do something stupid in St. Clair County," Macomb County Sheriff  Anthony Wickersham said.

Police say David White, a truck driver involved in a 10-car pileup in Macomb County on May 25, is the same man wanted in St. Clair County, where he kidnapped an elderly woman at gunpoint and had her drive him to Detroit before he would later take his own life in a standoff with police.

"To get a call Friday night that he was involved in a incident up in St Clair County - in this job you can never say you've seen it all," Wickersham said.

Investigators say White plowed into the back of the line of cars stopped at a red light. Wickersham spoke about his deputies’ interaction with White after the pileup.

"Deputies and investigators spoke to him at the scene and he (passed) field sobriety tests but did indicate that he fell asleep or passed out, which was a concern to the investigators so they secured a search warrant and took his blood and he was released pending the results," he said.

Wickersham says his deputies did a thorough job at the accident scene.

"In any type of investigation ... you want to look at cause, you want to look at the individuals under the influences of any controlled substance. Again, investigators are telling me that upon speaking to him, he's answering questions. There was really no indication. They checked the vehicle for any type of substances and nothing was found," he said.

He says White is no stranger to criminal activity in 2012. He was arrested for a drug charge in the county.

But who knew White's criminal record would one day go this far.

"Again, you can never say, hell, you never saw that," Wickersham said.