Exotic birds among almost 50 animals rescued from Ypsilanti home

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The Humane Society of Huron Valley announced on Tuesday that almost 50 animals were rescued from poor living conditions and may have been bred for profit.

The 42 birds, three degus, and one rabbit were all rescued from a home late Tuesday afternoon.

According to the HSHV, a tip came in that an owner had an excessive number of birds living in poor conditions. HSHV's Chief Operating Officer, Matt Schaecher said the owner claimed to be helping the animals but the conditions say the opposite.

"The owner claimed a few of the birds were 'rescues.' However, it appears most were used in breeding for profit, yet without regard for the animals' welfare or even her own. Fortunately, the owner surrendered all of the animals to us," said Schaecher in a press release. "Of course, now we really need the community's help to find great homes for these deserving animals."

The animals were living in dirty, crowded cages with many inches of feces in a house filled with garbage, the HSHV said. However, they seemed to be in good health. Now, the problem is finding a home for all the exotic animals.

"The majority of our shelter's housing is for four-legged animals," says Krista Donohoo, HSHV's Adoptions Manager . "So we've had to get creative in finding housing for forty-two birds. We're thankful we are able to provide temporary space that is clean and roomy, but it's a very full house here."

The birds range from Love Birds to a talkative Macaw.

All the animals will go up for adoption Wednesday between 11 and 6 and on Thursday between 11 and 7.  Interested adopters can find information and applications on HSHV's website or call 734-662-5585

The HSHV said it will be submitting a report on the hoarding to the Washtenaw County Prosecutor's Office.