Fallen tree blocks front of house for a week

A Detroit family is fed up with the city after a tree comes crashing down, blocking their front door.

They say they tried to alert the city, but couldn't get crews to come out. Now someone else is cleaning up the mess.

When Charelle Lake left her house on Monday she could not believe what was in her front yard. 

"Oh my God the tree fell and my mom was like what the heck," Lake said. "It's like a forest from the front porch looking at you."

Lake says on Monday her family called the city about the tree which is located in the public easement. 

"It just fell Monday and we have been calling them since Monday," she said. "And nobody ever came to pick it up."

Lake says since the tree fell down life has not been the same. 

"We are not able to get our mail, have to leave out side door, niece can't come outside to play.

A representative for mayor Mike Duggan's office tells Fox 2 the city had not received any complaints about the tree having fallen until Friday.

Now that they know about it, a city spokesperson said it is on their list and crews will remove the tree as soon as possible. 

The city also says a crew did look at the tree Friday and it did not look wilted or diseased and no cracks were noticed.

As the family waits for the city to respond the mortgage company decided to send a crew out to get the tree off the property.

Urban Homes sent me over here to take the tree off the house, off the property and keep everyone safe," said 

The mortgage company is footing the bill for the removal and cleanup, but had some help when city of Detroit workers arrived at the scene and aided in the cleanup.

Lake says she just happy to see her front yard look more like a lawn than forest 

"I'm happy, I'm excited," Lake said. "I'd like to say to the city if you ever have a problem, call FOX 2 news because they are working for you."