Fame or Shame: Is this knife sharpener the cutting edge?

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I hate to be blunt but your knives are dull - and there really isn't an easy way to sharpen a knife. Until now - introducing the Bavarian Edge.

Just slide your shank through this sharpening machine and soon you'll be slicing, chopping and trimming like a professional chef.

It promises to sharpens so well, a credit card can be turned into cutting card! So is the Bavarian Edge the best thing since sliced bread, or are the makers stabbing you in the back?

Gello and Joanna make some cutting comments on the Gello radio show every afternoon on 105.1 The Bounce. Now, it's time to see if they can cut it in the kitchen with Rob Wolchek's Fame or Shame.

The Bavarian Edge makers claim its special V-technology design makes knives so sharp they can slice flying tomatoes. Knives become so sharp you can whack a pineapple with a single stroke. Sharpen a dull butter spreader and use it cut a frozen steak and even use a credit card as a carving card.

Gello rips into the easy-open package but has a hard time getting the Bavarian edge out of the box!

"It's like stuck in here," he says.

It's sharpening time and Gello pulls the knife towards him using the Bavarian Edge, it's really that simple. No batteries, no plug. Just put in the blade and pull it towards you.

But does it work? It is flying tomato time!

Will it get Fame or Shame? 

Watch the video above as Rob and the 105.1 Bounce team put the Bavarian Edge to the test.