Family of carjack murder victim is seething over killer's sentence

A family didn't hold back at a sentencing for a man who killed their loved on during a Detroit carjacking.

His killer Jeffrey Williams did not get a life sentence, which is not sitting well with the family.

"He was just a good guy," said Eugene Landyon. "A good guy all around. Everybody just loved him."

Landyon still tears up when he talks about his son and namesake, who was murdered in cold blood January 17 for his 1978 El Camino.

Jeffery Williams faced a judge but refused to face Eugene Landyon Jr.'s family when he was sentenced Tuesday.

Williams accepted a plea deal from the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office for second degree murder. If he would have rejected it, a trial would have ensued and a likely life sentence would have resulted.

Williams received a 28 to 50 year sentence in prison for killing Eugene Landyon Jr. 

"You all have no idea the pain you have caused my family," said a relative. "To get a phone call at 3 a.m. in the morning was something I'll never forget and I'll never wish that on any enemy."

Eugene Jr. was just 19 years old when he was gunned down.

He worked alongside his dad at Quality Team One, a distributor for Chrysler and Ford.

Eugene Jr. was a car and motorcycle enthusiast, an avid football fan and more importantly, he was expecting his first child and preparing to become a father.

"At the end of this month his baby will be born," said Landyon. "He's having a little girl."

"If I live and she knows me, she'll know her dad."

Due to the plea deal, Williams could become a free man by the time he turns 48.

When he was asked if he wanted to say anything in court, he replied "not at all."

Relatives were outraged when they addressed Williams at the sentencing.

"What I don't understand is why you are not doing life without parole," a relative said. "You don't deserve a second chance."

"We weren't happy with it because we were hoping he would get natural life," Eugene, Sr. said. "Because we figured that was the kind of crime he committed."