Family trapped in Detroit cemetery 6 hours

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A day of remembering a lost loved one at a Detroit cemetery turns into a troubling nightmare for a family with young children.

Their feelings in a nut shell as a little girl summed up her family's plight: "I'm cold and I'm not in a good spirit anymore. I'm in a bad spirit, I'm in a sad spirit."

Her family went to Trinity Cemetery on Mt Elliott to remember a deceased mother on her birthday.

After they paid their respects they ended up trapped behind closed gates locked inside, having spent more than six hours there.

"It's getting a little spooky here," said one man. "We were not planning on being here, so we want to get out.

"When we first called, we couldn't find any number and police said it is a private property and they could not do anything about it."

Some Detroit police officers responded to their call.

They couldn't find a key, but we are happy to report they were equipped with a tool to cut the lock and freed the family from their rather haunting hang-up.