Fatal house fire in Taylor claims man's life

The looks of the front porch alone illustrates the destructive power of a fire that happened overnight in Taylor that claimed the life of a 28-year-old man. 

Soot covered hand prints are still on the neighbor's door where the woman who lived there begged for help. "She kept screaming my baby, I thought her daughter was in the house," neighbor David Kless says. 

Fox 2 is told from the victim's family that the little girl was staying the weekend at the grandparents so the couple that lived inside of the home on Marvin could have a romantic weekend alone.

The victim who was identified by friends and family as CJ had lived in the area for quite some time we are told. 

According to family members, they were celebrating the victim's birthday so they lit candles in the room and must have fallen asleep and that is when according to neighbors the fire broke out.

By the time help arrived there was little that could be done. The grass roughly 12 feet from the front door showed the far reaches of the flames. 

Neighbors say the woman inside of the home who escaped to get helped had burns all over her body. We are told by police that she is expected to recover. 

As for the cause, officials say the investigation continues.