Ford is bringing a new type of wheels to Detroit

Shared electronic scooters are popping up all across the U.S. Ford Motor Co. is jumping onboard and has acquired the scooter rental firm Spin, based in San Francisco. 

They brought the new mode of transportation to Detroit on Thursday. 

The majority of trips made in our country are between 1-3 miles. Electric scooters can help relieve some of our travel woes, such as traffic congestion, parking availability and pollution. 

"They're ideal for short trips because you don't have to deal with congestion, you don't have to deal with parking. And, since they're electric, they don't have any emissions," Ford X Vice President Sunny Madra says. 

Spin is already in 13 other cities and campus, and they hope to be in 100 cities over the next year and a half. Spin is only in downtown Detroit right now, but may eventually expand to other neighborhoods.

The scooter lasts about 20 miles on a charge which, for all intents and purses Madra points out, is about a day's worth of trips. The scooters also are limited to a speed of about 15 mph. 

If you want to try one out, it costs $1 to unlock and 15 cents a minute after that.