Fraser mayor and acting mayor accused of sexual harassment

The city of Fraser already dealing with a massive sinkhole and a budget deficit - has another big issue on its hands. It's a sexual harassment complaint involving two city officials.

Thursday night the city council entered into a private closed session meeting to decide if these sexual harassment allegations are legitimate enough to move forward.

If they are, the mayor and acting mayor will likely be facing consequences, maybe even losing their jobs.

Mayor Joe Nichols and Acting Mayor Matt Hemelberg are in the hot seat accused of making sexually explicit comments to female employees at the city of Fraser offices.

"I commend them for coming forward," said Nancy Berube, Fraser First Booster Club. "It takes a lot. This is their place of employment, you know? And safety in numbers."

Berube of the Fraser First Booster Club and Fraser Helping Hands, is not a part of the complaint against the two men, who tell us they cannot do an interview to "defend themselves until a gag order is lifted."

However Berube claims, the two men together, have made demeaning jabs at her as well.

"I've been called fat," she said. "I've been called the lady wearing the ugly purple pants, I've also been called Ray Charles because, as we're interviewing right now, I have my sunglasses on."

Others allege they heard the men calling Councilwoman Kathy Blanke a sexually demeaning name. Some residents even showed outrage at a previous meeting.

Some are saying the men are also in part to blame for the budget deficit.