Granite City donating food to families in Children's Hospital over Christmas

Granite City is donating part of their sales on Christmas Eve to the Children's Hospital of Troy. They're also donating food to all the families that will be staying at the hospital on Christmas, too. 

General Manager Greg Jones joined us in the FOX 2 Cooking School to tell us more about their holiday menu, and show us how to make chicken limone. You can get the recipe below. 

1 oz            Blended oil
3 ea            Pounded Chicken
¼ tsp             GC Salt & Pepper
2 ea             Lemon Wedge
1 oz             Vegie Stock
2 oz            Butter Sauce
1 order            Asparagus
1 order            Garlic Mashed Potatoes
2 halves        Grape Tomato-halved
¼ tsp            Chopped Parsley
Seasoned Flour    as needed

1.    Heat sauté pan over medium high heat, when pan is very hot add BLENDED OIL
2.    Season both sides of the POUNDED CHICKEN with GC SALT & PEPPER then dredge both sides in SEASONED FLOUR
3.    When oil is hot shake off excess flour and add dredged chicken and LEMON WEDGES to the pan
4.    Cook the chicken for 2 minutes, flip the chicken and lemons, cook the other side for 2 minutes
5.    When chicken is brown on both sides move sauté pan to salamander to finish cooking chicken
6.    Place sauté pan with chicken over high heat, add VEGETABLE STOCK to deglaze the pan, reduce by half
7.    Using tongs, squeeze lemons into the pan, add BUTTER SAUCE
8.    Quickly toss to combine sauce and coat chicken then immediately remove from heat
9.    Place ASPARAGUS on oval plate with heads at 2:00 and stems at 8:00
10.    Place GARLIC-MASHED POTATOES on the plate at 10:00 just touching the asparagus stems
11.    Shingle the chicken on the plate with the tips just touching the mashed potatoes
12.    Pour sauce over chicken using lemon wedges and tongs to scrape all the sauce from the pan
13.    Garnish the tips of the chicken with TOMATO and PARSLEY
14.    Serve immediately