High-powered rifle shot through house roof narrowly misses teen

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Adari Torres heard a loud sound; looked up and down, finding a bullet blew through the ceiling of her room.

The shot landed just a few feet from where the 14-year-old freshman to be in high school was sitting. She says she got up and ran straight to her parents' room.

"I was sitting right here drawing," said Adari. "I had my tablet right there and I looked behind me, I heard this loud noise."

She had no idea what could make such an overpowering sound.

"I think it was kind of crazy, it's really crazy," she said. "I literally ran because I didn't know if it was an attack or if he was going to keep shooting or something. I just freaked out."

Adari ran into her father in the hallway. He was coming toward her after he was startled by the same noise.

"Before I got to the door, she was running," said her dad Jesus Torres. "Her face was really white, she was scared and she said something came into my room.

"The first thing I saw in the room, I look at the ceiling and I see the hole. I was looking and I saw the bullet on the floor, it was really big. I was really scared."

Jesus Torres immediately ran outside their Allen Park home on Cambridge looking for the person responsible for firing a weapon into their home and barely missing his daughter - but there was no one to be found.

He then called police. Officers told FOX 2 they don't know where the stray bullet came. A high-powered rifle could have been shot into the air from a neighboring city up to two miles away.

There were no witnesses and no leads. The information hasn't been very comforting for Adari who has been so scared; she has barely left her parents' side.

"If I want to go in there to get something, I just look at both sides to make sure there is no one there or anything," she said. "And I go fast because I feel like they are going to shoot out of nowhere. I know it is not true, but I still have the fear."