Let It Rip: Trump's lewd comments, Detroit workers on new arena

Part 1: Trump's lewd comments

After a bruising week dealing with crude audio talking about groping women, Donald Trump now fighting off accusations that he actually committed sexaul assault.

It's an allegation he firmly denies.

Maureen Stapleton, a proud liberal Democrat, business owner, consultant and former state rep.
Lena Epstein, a rising star in the state Republican Party, a businesswoman with degrees from Harvard and Michigan, also happens to be young, Jewish and the co-chair of the Trump campaign in Michigan.
Wendy Day, a prominent Republican, led the campaign for Ted Cruz in Michigan
Charlie Langton

Part 2: Detroit workers on new arena

This week, Detroit fined contractors working on the new Little Caesar's Arena a half a million dollars for not hiring enough workers from the city.

It's the kind of situation a pair of proposals on the november ballot aim to address.

Sen. Coleman Young II (Detroit), son of the longest serving mayor in the City of Detroit, supports Proposal A
Scott Benson, Democrat, spent nearly 20 years in commercial real estate and urban planning before he became member of the Detroit City Council, supports Proposal B.
Steve Hood, businessman, consultant, TV host and radio star on 910 AM weekday morning, doesn't support either proposal
Charlie Langton

Part 3: What's locker room talk?

What's considered locker room talk? FOX 2's Charlie Langton goes on the road to ask viewers.