Lions legend Herman Moore surprises Detroit high school players

Football season is just a couple of months away for high school athletes but Detroit Lions youth football camp is wrapping up.

The students from Loyola high school are sweating and putting in work for the upcoming season. Then the high school players spot a legend: Herman Moore.

"I have him on my ultimate team in Madden, the video game, and I just think, like, wow," said Loyola student-athlete Hayden Caddell. 

You can't blame him for being a bit starstruck. Moore played 11 of his 12 NFL seasons here in Detroit with a total of 62 touchdowns, including 11 in 1994 and 12 in 1995. He was a four-time Pro-Bowler and three-time First-Team All Pro.

But he didn't just come to say hi and sign some autographs. 

"On behalf of USA football we would like to present Loyola High Shool football with a $1,000 equipment grant," Moore told the students.

That's not all. The team was also awarded a $3,000 check to supply milk for their games. And, from the Lions Touchdown in Your Town Initiative, a $10,000 donation to the school's football program.

"It's making a difference because we know how much time and work goes into keeping and maintaining these programs. Any support you can get, goes a long way," Moore said.

The players got some Lions swag plus new Riddell helmets to keep their heads safe.

"We were trying to scratch and get what we could this year to be able to outfit the kids this year in some helmets. And now, it's taken care of - like a prayer come true," said Loyola football coach John Callahan.