Low-income families surprised with new homes, cars

The Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries surprised four low-income families a new lease on life.

Two families were surprised with new homes, and another two families were surprised with new vehicles.

Mitch Albom presented one of the families, the Jenkins family, with a plaque of their new address. After that, the Mull family was surprised with a new home, too.

But that was just the beginning.

Another young woman was surprised with a new car, bringing her to tears.

"I'm happy I didn't pass out because I felt like I was going to," Carita Miller says, laughing. "It's funny because, while they were presenting the homes, I said to my kids, I need to call them to maybe get some help - and look what happened."

Carita tells us someone stole her car a few years ago and she has been without one ever since.

She says this gift will be the solution to most of her problems.

For more information on Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, visit www.drmm.org