Man charged after touching carts at Kroger in Genesee Twp., claiming he has virus

A Michigan man was arrested after grabbing shopping carts at a grocery store and claiming he had the coronavirus.

Jonathan David-Asher Miracle, 26, also kissed the window of a police car Friday, the Genesee County prosecutor’s office said.

Miracle was charged with malicious destruction of police property and falsely threatening people with a harmful substance. He’ll appear in court by video Monday. It wasn’t immediately known if he has a lawyer who could comment.

Miracle was inside a Kroger store in Genesee Township “pushing around shopping carts while stating” that he had the coronavirus, the prosecutor’s office said.

Sheriff Chris Swanson said Miracle hasn’t been tested at the jail because he’s shown no symptoms.

“This was a very disturbing incident that has placed many people in fear for their health and safety,” said prosecutor David Leyton.