Michigan 11th least happy in the U.S. in latest list

A new study on the happiness of the U.S. by state is not looking kindly upon Michigan or our neighboring states as the Mitten has been named the 39th happiest state - or the 11th least happy state.

FDA greenlights new omicron Covid vaccine booster

"I'm hoping that a more omicron-specific vaccine will give you even more protection against the serious issues, but also give you better protection against actual infection," Sims said.

Covid precautions to take if you don't qualify for current booster shot yet

"Many people are still not eligible for this second booster due to their age or their health conditions," said Dr. Asha Shajahan. "But we know omicron is still out there. People are still getting Covid, I’m seeing plenty of patients here in the office that are coming in here with Covid."