Man cleared in shooting of elderly woman's home says he's been tormented

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Gerald Segler says his life has been turned upside down since Detroit Police Chief James Craig held up his picture at a press conference last Thursday and called him a person of interest in a shooting.

Police say an 84-year-old woman's house on Clairmount in Detroit was shot up. She was inside but not hurt

"My client is at risk, he has received death threats," said attorney Stephanie Carson. "He was attacked two nights ago. And I just want him to be safe."

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On Tuesday, Detroit police told FOX 2 that Segler is no longer a person of interest in the Nov. 5 shooting. Segler and his attorney went to talk to police voluntarily the morning after Craig publicly called him a person of interest.

"During our interview with them my lawyer asked if I was a suspect and we were told no," Segler said.

Segler is known in the area but he and his attorney says he's never caused any problems.

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"In the neighborhood he's known as 'AR Joe.' Because he does carry an AR-15 open carry consistent with the law," Carson said.

"Mostly for the pit bulls there's a lot of stray dogs out there," Segler said. "I am more worried about that than anything else."

Even though Segler was never a suspect and is no longer a person of interest, he says this has done irreparable damage to his life.

"People see the chief of police holding someone's picture talking about a shooting," Segler said. "They don't hear person of interest, none of that."

"He should do something," Carson said. "Just like he put a target on my client's back he should remove that target."