Man shot point blank in Detroit driveway caught on camera

A Detroit man was shot several times in his driveway on camera.

Neighbors say the victim was getting ready to testify in an upcoming court case. We want to warn you the surveillance video we are about to show you is very disturbing.

"I was in bed I heard the shots," said neighbor Rosie Sutton. "I asked my son Billy what is that I don't know mama."

Rosie Sutton's son ran outside and discovered it was her grandson, Ricky who was the victim of a violent ambush. All of it was captured on surveillance video.

You can see the suspect pull up just as the 48-year-old victim starts gets into his truck and begins to back out of his driveway on Chalmers on Detroit's east side.

Armed with a gun, the suspect gets out and fires a barrage of bullets at the driver who attempts to driveway and then slams into the porch.

The suspect then gets into a black Chevrolet Suburban and takes off southbound on Chalmers.

A neighbor tells us from his window - Ricky was a good guy, but there may be more to this.

"(He was) a real nice kid, real quiet," said Ron Sutton. "The court case he had testify in; I don't know what was it about."

Ricky survived but is in critical condition. Police aren't yet confirming a motive, but released surveillance video hoping it will lead to the shooter.

The suspect is described as a black male, 35 to 40 years old, with a dark complexion standing around 5 feet,7 inches with a thin build, wearing a gray hooded jacket.

Look closely at the black Suburban - there is duct tape on the driver side window, tinted windows, a temp sticker in the rear window and one brake light was out.

Ricky's 87-year-old grandmother doesn't understand why anyone would want to shoot her grandson. She says he was a quiet man and a hard worker.

"I have no idea, I have no idea because Ricky never mentioned anybody," she said. "He would get in his car and go to work."

Anyone with information should contact Detroit police at (313) 596-5200.