Man who lied about robbery, rape gave 'lots of reasons'

Last week a man claimed he was robbed and raped at an ATM on Detroit's east side.

Now the so-called victim, James Wiseman, has admitted to making it all up, while police wasted manpower and resources to figure it out.

Nothing quite added up. Detroit police Det. Robert Cain says it didn't take long for investigators in Detroit's Sex Crimes Unit to figure the 21-year-old who claimed he was raped and robbed on the east side last week made the whole thing up.

"We found some inconsistencies with his statement," Cain said.

FOX 2: "Did he say why he made it up?"

"He gave several reasons," Cain said. "Those I can't get into at this point."

Wiseman will likely face consequences for his actions including filing a false police report, which is a felony. The warrant is on its way to the prosecutor's office.

The allegations by Wiseman, 21, outraged the community.

As FOX 2 reported last week the alleged victim claimed he was on his way home from work last Tuesday morning when a man with a gun walked up to his passenger side window. Wiseman said he demanded that he take him to an ATM. Once the gunman and another man who followed in a dark car got $60, they forced him into a secluded area and raped him.

Wiseman went home and told his mom what happened and she called police who arrived and took his statement.

FOX 2: "Can I talk to Mr. Wiseman please? We want to know why he lied."

"With any case try to investigate to the best we can," Cain said. "When we find out some things aren't true, it's disparaging - but we move forward."

The already-taxed sex crimes unit, which investigates hundreds of sex assault cases each year, wasted precious time and resources that this department doesn't always have.

"We put many man-hours on this case and wasted these officers' time (who are) working on many cases that do need to be resolved," Cain said.

But DPD wants to reassure the public they still take each case very seriously and like always, looks to the public for help when it comes to solving them.

"This puts a damper on the community but we encourage them to call the police when they do see something, we'll come out investigate," Cain said.