March held downtown Detroit for fair housing, immigration, fair housing and more

Hundreds of people from cities and states across the country are marching in the streets of Detroit right now.

They have a vision for the future, and they want to share it in the city.

Led by Detroit Action and the Center for Popular Democracy network, they gathered outside the Spirit of Detroit statue downtown. According to the group, the goal was to "outline the network's vision for collective liberation, touching on the totality of issues that people face, including climate change, fair housing, safety in schools, healthcare, and immigration."

"The network of community organizations that has gathered here today in Detroit today and tomorrow to launch, to animate the spirit of people that are fighting for justice across the country, people that are fighting for healthcare, for housing, for good schools, for the ability for our families to remain together without the constant threat of detentions and deportations," said organizer Anamaria Archile.

FOX 2's Erika Erickson has more.