Marking its 10th anniversary, Arise Detroit celebrates in the city

It's a celebration -- one of 200 events throughout the City of Detroit on Arise Detroit's 10th annual Neighborhoods Day.

The neighborhoods are important - you cannot have a new detroit without embracing the love and the committment and the needs of the communities," said Shirley Burch of the Community United for Progress.

The needs of the community were met with food and fun and a school supplies giveaway. Volunteer efforts were underway throughout the city -- and the City of Detroit was a strong supporter

"It's part of the mayor's deep committment to the city's neighborhoods, along with the demolitions that we've done -- over 10,000 now," said Victoria Kovari of the Detroit Department of Neigborhoods.

CrimeStoppers even on hand at this event, bringing together families who've lost loved ones to crime.

"It's all about a happy day for everybody, not a sad day, and I think it's about bringing everybody together," said Shirley Schuler of CrimeStoppers.

Everybody -- from the city to the suburbs -- organizers want everyone to share in the city's success.

"We take our time to hold hands and lift one anoher up and say, you are important," Burch said. "We're all in it together to love and educate our kids and to be able to better Detroit."