Mentally ill petition filed in 2015 for double murder person of interest

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On Tuesday Clinton Township police continued its search for 24-year-old Robert Leo Marzejka in connection to a double murder.

He is called a person of interest in the deaths of his sister, 18-year-old Danielle Marzejka and her 19-year-old boyfriend Seren Bryan. Some friends, sadly were not surprised police believe he's involved.

"When I found out what happened, that's where my head went," said Maddeceyn Clark, a friend of Danielle's. "Instantaneously, (I thought) if that's her in the shed, I don't know,"

Police say Sunday night that Danielle's brother, 23-year-old Kevin Marzejka, came back to their home in Rudgate Clinton Mobile Home Village, after staying with his girlfriend for a few days. That was when he smelled a horrible odor coming from the back tool shed and police say he discovered the bodies of his sister and Seren inside garbage bags. 

"I just think it's really sick that this is what we are left to deal with," Clark said.

A family member tells FOX 2 Danielle and Robert's mother died of an overdose in 2011 - and that's when she says Robert "snapped."

Court records show in 2015 a mentally ill petition for hospitalization had been filed for Robert Marzejka. The details of the petition, which was eventually dismissed early this year -- not made public.

Police say Robert Jr. lived at the home and often worked for his father. Danielle and Seren, came and went while friends of Danielle tell FOX 2 she's expressed fear of her brother before.

"Danielle has told me there's been instances where he made her feel uncomfortable," Clark said. "Not just like a sibling rivalry, but actual uncomfort."

This man, who asked to remain anonymous encountered Robert and his father when he sold them this 1999 Ford E-250 van.

"They seemed like good people but just a little troubled," he said.

This man says after Robert and his father stopped making the agreed upon payments, he planned to pick the van up Monday. But police let him know that they were actively looking for that van and Robert as a person of interest.
"You try to see the best in people, you never know what people are capable of," the man who sold them the van said.

Clinton Township police along with US marshals are working to hunt him down. Police say they've gotten a lot of tips but need your help. US Marshals have added a $3,000 reward combined with the already $2,500 reward being offered by Crime Stoppers for his arrest.