Metro Detroit disaster relief group readies to help as Dorian takes aim at US

As Dorian approaches the Atlantic Coast, groups from all over the country are making plans to help.

That includes Oakland County nonprofit Disaster Relief at Work, which is getting ready as Dorian forces evacuations for parts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina after causing massive devastation in the Bahamas. 

"It has got the path of Hurricane Matthew and the size of Hurricane Irma," said Greg Martin, executive director of DRAW.  "We've already sent supplies down to Jacksonville, Florida, which is kind of the center of the coast of where the storm was suspected to hit." 

Martin says the items sent are what people need the most after traumatic events like tornadoes and hurricanes. 

"We sent about 150 of our cleaning buckets, which are used for cleaning up floods, mitigating mold in people's homes after high water situations. 

Bathroom buckets with personal hygiene items were also sent, DRAW organizers say they're also ready to intoned people. 

"Now we're just telling everybody we're going to respond especially if there's major chaos," said Martin.

Some of the shelves at the nonprofit are empty and DRAW organizers say the need for supplies will only increase. They are calling on the public for help. 

"We put a list down on our Facebook page but it's mostly supplies with that we fill our cleaning buckets with (like soap and cleaning brushes)," Martin said. 

Those supplies you can also volunteer your time or make a monetary donation. Martin says as his team prepares, every second and them this warehouse counts as they work to make a difference in the lives of those impacted by Dorian. 

"So we've staged supplies. if people are displaced, if they are in need of something, we have those there right away." 

For more information go to the DRAW Facebook page HERE.