Motor City Comic Con 2015: Michigan company makes 'Game of Thrones' replicas

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Most know that "Game of Thrones is an epic of swords, shields and magic  - but it's most sought after merchandise comes with a made-in-Michigan touch.

One company in Michigan is the officially licensed manufacturer to make prop replicas. Based in East Lansing, Valyrian Steel produces official replicas from both George R. R. Martin's book series and television adaptation of HBO.

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Chris Beasley from Valyrian Steel brought some of the items on the road to the Motor City Comic Con this weekend in Novi. 

He said that all the items are made in Michigan and shipped across the world. 

HBO sends copies of props to his company and then the challenge for the company is making the replica for collectors.

"We have to send the props back," said Beasley. "But it's fun getting the props in from HBO because we get to play with them."

The most popular sword they sell is Longclaw, the sword that the character Jon Snow uses on the show, he said.

Helmets, armor and shields are also sold through the website 

Beasley said that the company started as a Lord of the Rings retailer and that he wanted to move into the direction of manufacturing.

A fan of Martin's Game of Thrones book series, Beasley contacted the author with his pitch and was able to secure the rights before HBO optioned the books for the show.

Once the show hit TV, Beasley's company was already established and he was able to get the HBO license as well.

Most items range between $200 and $300, he said, but with an emphasis on quality. High-carbon steel and sometimes stainless steel he said.

"A lot of these swords are very expensive to make," he said. "Our process is mass production. We're making 2,000 units that are identical. We try to make them as strong and as high quality as possible.

"Most of the products are limited edition and appreciate in price, up to two or three times their retail price over time."

One of Valyrian Steel's swords is on display on "The Big Bang Theory" in the apartment, Beasley said. An older model, that version of the sword is worth about $2,000 he said.

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