Mystery dirt piles outside elderly woman's house grow bigger

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Last week Clara Matthews contacted the Fox 2 Problem Solvers after piles of dirt were dumped on her property. 

One week later the piles of dirt continue to grow.

"Frustrating, very frustrating," she said. "Because I wanted it to be taken care of. This is terrible."

Matthews says she was able to write down the US Department of Transportation number and Dani's was the company name that was detailed on the vehicles.

Dani's Transportation Inc. claims workers were not in this neighborhood on that day. But Detroit police say they still have questions for it.

"Right now we are gathering information from that owner to determine whether or not it was his trucks involved in at least two of the piles behind me," said Lt. Rebecca McKay, Detroit police.

McKay says this is a case of illegal dumping and city officials are working hard to combat it. But to be most effective, McKay said police need the help of citizens like Ms. Matthews 

"We need them to call," McKay said. "We need them to leave us messages and follow up."

Police say when caught, there will be a hefty penalty to pay.

"Vehicles are being seized, bonds are being placed on their vehicles, the handcuffs are being put on these individuals," McKay said. "And they are going to jail."

Investigators say when they look at this damage at the scene this could rise to the level of a felony.

"You can see that the sidewalk has been freshly broken," said McKay.

As the investigation into this dumping continues, city officials say they will have all the piles of dirt tested, then removed and taken to the appropriate location. 

"Eleven days it has been going on and I think someone should be held accountable for it," Matthews said.

Police have a tough message for anyone dumping tires, trash, dirt or anything else in Detroit 

"We are watching," McKay said. "You will get caught - and when you do -- it will be a very costly mistake."