New details emerge in ICE agent's fatal shooting of Detroit man

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Terrance Kellom

According to the medical examiners report, the agent shot Kellom multiple times.

His father Kevin Kellom had one story - but according to police sources - it's not all of it.

"All of a sudden I hear a commotion," Kevin Kellom said. "Police offices say 'Freeze, I will kill you. I will blow your m.f. brains out. Show me your hands.' 

""I said 'Titi please lay down.' He reaches his hands down and says 'But dad,' and I swear as soon as he said 'But dad,' two shots ring out. The bullets hit my son in the chest."

The distraught father of Terrance Kellom angered protesters with his account of what happened when the agents entered his Detroit house on Evergreen near West Chicago and shot and killed his son.

"His hands went from open to clutched and shaking. His last two words my son said 'Daddy, daddy.'"

Kevin Kellom, who refused to answer FOX 2's follow-up questions late this evening, maintains his son never had a hammer in his hand. But Detroit police confirms that hammer has been taken into evidence and is being tested for fingerprints.

"It's not a question of black on black," said activist Ron Scott. "It's a question of force on person. And this is why people in this county are upset. If you made a mistake, take responsibility." 

About 150 protesters upset with another young black man dying at the hands of a police officer walked the streets in front of the westside Detroit home on Evergreen at West Chicago where it happened.

Detroit police were able to keep it under control, but at the same time are preparing for the unknown.

In the wake of the violence in Baltimore, the police department issued a warning to law enforcement in certain cities including Detroit that some gangs have entered into a partnership to take out law enforcement officers.

Federal investigators are conducting an internal investigation and FOX 2 is told that Detroit police is handling the criminal investigation.