Novi school's labradoodle therapy dog retires

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For more than a decade a labradoodle has been boosting the spirits of students and staff at a Novi school. But now it's time for her to call it a career.

She's known as the "rock star" of Village Oaks Elementary School and she certainly knows her way around.

"She knows which teachers have the treats in their room and she goes to those rooms first," said teacher Kathy Siarto. "She greets all the teachers by the side door."

The 12-year-old chocolate labradoodle named Teagan will definitely be missed, retiring as the Novi school district's first therapy dog Friday.

It was an idea from the school's principal who had a therapy dog at her previous school.

"I said I'll do it, so I did my research and found that a labradoodle would be a great dog," Siarto said.

Siarto, a second grade teacher and Teagen's owner, is soon to retire as well. She says Teagen has impacted thousands of kids.

"She's wonderful when kids have to go to the office and aren't feeling well or if they've had some issues," Siarto said. "If they need some time to calm down, Teagen is our first defense. She is the first one to greet them, they pet her and give her a hug."

The school's staff finds Teagen to be a stress relief as kids learn to take care of her. That job is called "the zoo keeper."

"That's one of the best jobs they like," Siarto said. "They fill their water bowl every day and help out, they get to let her out of her office."

Teagen can also do tricks on command. And they hope for another dog, as special as Teagen.

"Dr. Ofili, our new principal, my kids have written some pretty persuasive letters to him to persuade him to do this again," Siarto said.