Oakland County businessman Robert Shumake behind bars

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An Oakland County businessman is behind bars tonight.

He was out on bond but the judge says he violated the conditions that bond and the judge locked him up.

This is Robert Shumake, inmate.  The dapper businessman traded in his fancy suits and is now getting his wardrobe courtesy of the Oakland County Jail. 

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Judge James Alexander has had enough of Shumake's violations and excuses and ordered the big shot business tycoon to be locked up.

Last month, Shumake pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors, violations of the credit services act, for his role in a company that Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette says "took advantage of residents at a vulnerable time and are "despicable."

In 2010, Wolchek first told you about Mortgage Auditors of America. The company promised forensic mortgage audits which they claimed could help people facing foreclosure.

Wolchek introduced you to some of their customers who said they paid thousands for audits then the company office closed up. But he found out who was in charge - it was Robert Shumake.  

When Rob went to speak to Shumake - he ran. 

A few days later Shumake sat for an interview and admitted it was his company, but denied doing anything wrong.

Last month, he admitted he did do something wrong by pleading guilty and he paid $29,000 in restitution.

And the company, which Schuette says was Shumake's, pleaded guilty to two felony counts of obtaining money by false pretenses over $1,000 and 13 misdemeanor violations of the Credit Services Protection Act.

The judge gave Shumake strict reporting deadlines while he was out on bond. But Shumake repeatedly missed those deadlines, so the judge sent him to jail.

With his bond revoked, it looks like the Oakland County Jail will be Robert Shumake's home at least until his appearance before Judge Alexander for sentencing next week.