Oakland County clerk celebrates 90th birthday - and has no plans to retire

"What is it about this court that you don't seem to want to retire?" asked Oakland County Executive Dave Coulter. 

"It's my family - it's my family. And I love them all," answered Phyllis Stafford.

And that family loves her right back. 

Stafford. a court clerk for Oakland County is turning 90 years old on Tuesday. To commemorate the incredible feat, her coworkers and longtime friends decided it was time for a party. 

At the 52nd District Court, they threw her a birthday party complete with a special proclamation from the county executive himself.

"We're very proud of you, we're proud that you work here in Novi for Oakland County, you're an example for the rest of us, you really are," said Coulter.

Before she started working there as a part-time employee, Stafford started at the courthouse in 1975 - almost half of her life spent in the clerkship of the county.

And somehow, she still finds the energy to bowl regularly and care for her 26 great, great, grandchildren. And she has four more on the way.

"She's been an inspiration and we talk about it every day here how 'look at her go' I mean she bowls. Her average is higher than mine - and I'm on a bowling league," said Alexandra Black, a court administrator. "At 90, nothing stops her, she behaves just like any other 50-year-old employee here."

As for Stafford herself? She's speechless except for a few appreciative words:

"I don't have any other words other than I'm truly humbled and very appreciative. It's truly amazing, it's unbelievable," said Stafford.

And she has no plans to retire.