On day one of job, protesters call for resignation of former border patrol chief now in Detroit

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It wasn't the warm welcome that most receive on their first day of work.

But Detroit's new chief patrol agent comes with some baggage, brought all the way from El Paso, Texas.

"Asylum for all, fire Aaron Hull," chanted Robert Jay into a megaphone on Monday.

Jay was joined by several protesters in expressing their displeasure with Hull's new title in Detroit. Before his new temporary status as Chief Patrol Agent of the Detroit sector, which oversees Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana, he was in Texas as the former border patrol chief along the southern state.

"It's gonna be up to us to defend ourselves against ICE by any means necessary," said Kate Stenvig, one of the protesters in attendance.

Hull received the job transfer after reports of deplorable conditions at his post in El Paso. His handling of detention centers drew criticism for being described as overcrowded, unsanitary and hot. Children were reported as hungry, dirty and sleep deprived.

"I know things aren't going to turn around automatically today, this is probably not the ground zero moment, but it'll be this and similar demonstrations," said Kris McLonis, another protester. "Just - if we could have a sustained effort of people just showing and making it clear that they do not approve of the way things are going."

It's unclear how long Hull will remain at his temporary post.

Along with Robert Jay's call for Hull's Resignation, he also said the United States needs to adopt "major changes" at the border.

"...and we also want to see that there be no criminalization of human migration," he said. "We want an open borders United States."