Pair of pals set off to break 50-year-old teeter-totter record in California

Two men from the East Bay are trying to break a 50-year-old record on a teeter-totter. 

In 1971, Chuck Walker was just 18 years old when he read about two hamburger shop workers in Southern California who set a teeter-totter world record.

Walker and his buddy beat that record a month later in Sacramento after spending 216 hours on their own teeter-totter.

That record has held for five decades.

But now Walker wants to break his own record.

He and his friend, Mike Hartshorn, are now three days into the venture at Todos Santos Park in Concord.

But this time, the teeter-totter experience is a little different.

"Last time, I would dance on it and bounce around and do exercises," Walker said between bounces on Sunday. "And now, when I get off the teeter-totter, I can hardly stand and walk." 

In case you're wondering, the only time they get off the teeter-totter is to go to the bathroom. 

Restaurants in the area have been bringing them food.

And the guys say it's really hard to try to get a little shut-eye.

Walker and Hartshorn are planning to stay on the teeter-totter for another five days until July 10.