Photographer catches special moments between military dads, daughters

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A California photographer captured some tender moments between daughters and their heroes: their daddies. The special series of photos was done in honor of "Month of the Military Child," which is the month of April.

In the photos shot by photographer Vanessa Hicks, the fathers are in uniform and seated, adorably, with their daughters, at a tiny table.

They are photographed pouring tea for their daughters and even, in one case, a baby doll, and toasting together.

Hicks herself is a Navy veteran and the wife of a 16-year Navy veteran, so their children have experienced what it's like for parents to be deployed.

"Every time families move, children have to make new friends, get used to new schools, and find new clubs and teams to join. So, I wanted to document a special moment with a little girl and the one person that she looks up to the most, the one person who fights for our freedom," Hicks said.