Police: 23-year-old woman stabbed man, 71 to death

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An arrest was made for the brutal killing of an elderly man in Ypsilanti capping an investigation that lasted months.

Haleigh Maynard, 23, of Ypsilanti is in custody for the murder of 71-year-old Gary Schnieder attacked inside his home in March.

"When they said a woman in her 20s had been arrested, that was just shocking," said Barbara Bassett, a neighbor.

Neighbors like Joe Montgomery remember it vividly.

Barb Bassett found the Schneider's wallet while walking her dog. She went to return it but Schneider never came to the door.

"I got his next door neighbor to call him because he wasn't responding," she said. "When we found the house was open that's when we called the police."

And officers found his body inside the home.

Police arrested Maynard Aug. 27. They believe she and the victim got into an argument and it took a violent turn. Schneider was stabbed several times in his neck and face.

Maynard is in Washtenaw County Jail locked up.  She was not given bond which means she'll stay behind bars. If convicted, she would face life in prison. She is due back in court Sept. 10.