Pool safety and COVID-19: what to know this summer

It's perfect pool weather, but how safe is it to gather at a backyard pool or at the public pool? 

When it comes to COVID-19 compliant, swimming gets the okay from doctors and scientists, whether it's a community, hotel or backyard pool. Dr. Frank Esper of Cleveland Clinic Children's says go ahead and jump in. 

"[COVID-19] is something that really at this point has been spreading through the air on these droplets. It is unlikely that this is going to be going through the water. I don't expect that pools will be a problem except for the fact that it brings a bunch of people together in one small area," he says. 

Many pools now have occupancy limits to reduce crowd size but, you'll want to practice social distancing and stay six feet away from others in and around the pool. Also remember to wash or sanitize your hands after touching commonly used areas like the restroom, door handles or railings.

And, what about that mask? 

CDC suggested that pool operators "encourage the use of cloth face coverings as feasible," but also points out no one should wear a mask in the water, making it really tough to breathe. 

Whether it's a public pool or backyard pool, Dr. Esper says because public pools bring groups of people and usually draw children, they're probably not the best place to hang out this summer if you're considered high risk for COVID-19.