Presidential hopeful John Kasich focuses on economy, jobs at LTU

The road to the White House runs through Michigan and a Republican hoping to get the Presidential ticket stopped in Southfield.

Ohio Governor, and Republican Presidential hopeful, John Kasich stopped in at Lawrence Tech Monday. He focused primarily on jobs, the economy, and foreign policy.

"It's a matter of creating priorities, which will give you some economic growth at the same time, if you have a legitimate roadmap and then you fund the things that are critical to you. Why do people in Washington think it's so difficult?" Kasich told the LTU crowd.

Kasich, the governor of Ohio, compared Michigan's financial woes to those of the Buckeye State.

"When I became governor of Ohio, almost 20% of our operating budget in the hole, sort of like what Rick Snyder had here, and now we're running a $2 billion surplus"

Other issues high on the agenda included jobs, a stronger military and national defense, and more cyber security.

Kasich, who is eighth in most polls, is gaining some recent traction and used the event as a chance to get local Republicans to come out, meet a candidate, and get their questions answered.

The event hosted by Americans for Peace, Prosperity and Security, marks Kasich's second visit to Michigan this summer. The last visit, helping him gain momentum before the debate in his home state.

Kasich is scheduled to appear in the next republican presidential debate, September 16th.