Pugh could face criminal charge in second sex case

Charles Pugh could be charged with a crime now that somebody else is coming forward accusing him of sex crimes.

The civil sex grooming trial may be over and done, but that's not stopping another accuser from coming forward. Among them, a new report of criminal sexual conduct has been filed, now being investigated by Detroit police, according to sources.

"I'm still surprised that the Oakland County prosecutor never decided to prosecute," said attorney Bill Seikaly.

The plaintiff's attorney in the civil trial, Bill Seikaly, says because of the recent media attention, two more people have come forward with allegations against Pugh; one was just 16 at the time.

"I've seen some text messages that indicate they are credible people and are likely to move forward at some level at some time," he said.

In the meantime, Detroit Public Schools is attempting to get out of paying their settlement of $350,000, claiming the bill should fall under the state's responsibilities. No comment at this time from DPS, but we were sent the following response from Gov. Rick Snyder's office:

"We disagree with the school board. It's our understanding that discussions about a potential settlement are ongoing. This is a district matter, and it would be inappropriate for the state to comment on a pending legal issue concerning the district."

Seikaly was in on a private a meeting Friday where a judge heard DPS' side.

"I'm not so sure that I ought to comment on that," he said. "They wanted to have some discussions on the form of the consent judgment, we had that discussion."

This most recent investigation by Detroit police could lead to the first time Charles Pugh is formally charged with a crime. He will wait to hear as he continues working off his debt in Manhattan.