Radio personality Mike Clark of WRIF 101.1 'Drew and Mike' fame dies suddenly

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By M.L. Elrick
Fox 2 Investigative Reporter

(WJBK) - Mike Clark, a long-time fixture on the Detroit FM morning radio scene known for his irreverence, his scatological humor and his distinctive cackle during his years on the Drew & Mike Show, died suddenly.

Clark started on WRIF 101.1 FM doing characters for Ken Calvert and Jim Johnson. He became Drew Lane’s partner after Zip, Lane’s original morning show co-host, left. The full-time gig capped an eclectic resume that included ambulance driver and gas company employee. The duo, along with cohorts Trudi Daniels, Marc Fellhauer and Mike Wolters, dominated morning radio for years.

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Clark frequently spoke on the air about his passion for flying, be it the plane he owned and kept in Oakland County or the remote control helicopters he kept promising to bring into the WRIF studios. A running gag on the show revolved around when, if ever, Clark would get his sea plane pilot rating.

While Lane was the more erudite member of the team, Clark provided a more earthy element to the show. While the partners were known for their ribaldry, Clark could take the discussion to the far edge of what could be said on the radio without triggering action from the Federal Communications Commission. Some of his interests, which some might call fetishes, made some listeners cringe and others diehard fans.

After a hiatus of a few years, Clark returned to broadcasting with Lane on the Drew & Mike Show podcast. To the chagrin of many of his fans, Clark’s participation waned shortly after the show launched. His occasional appearances on the podcast were much sought after and celebrated by his fans.

Clark had been struggling with health issues in recent years and died in his sleep. The cause has not been determined.

Lane said of his friend and partner: “He was uniquely funny and always fun to be around. He loved the show and the people who listened. He went into radio at age 37 and I know he felt very blessed to do it and get paid. He shared anything if it would get a laugh. His was the loudest and best. Mike loved his wife Trish dearly and they were rarely separated. Mike was very close to his sister Cyn and of course his dad and extended family. He loved his dog Penny, flying and Jimi Hendrix…not certain in which order. Make a huge fuss. He would love it!”