Relationship of the future? 'Love doll' robots are life-size, can hold conversation

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Photo: Gina Silva

Her name is Harmony. She's a realistic-looking robot with soft skin and a soothing voice. She is what some are calling "the future of relationships."

“The future is upon us. I think it’s inevitable that humans and robots are going to coexist,” said Matt McMullen, the creator of a new robot that is about to hit the market. 

McMullen has been working on a prototype for many years. His company, Abyss Creations in San Marcos, is the leading seller of female, life-size, love dolls -- and yes, male dolls too. 

The robots are made of medical grade silicone, they can hold a conversation and be in a loving relationship—wink, wink. The starting price is $6,000 and can be customized.

“I think people have a knee jerk reaction when they consider the subject matter," McMullen said. "They think that's so strange or so out there. I don’t see a lot of danger in it. At the end of the day, we really are focusing on the positive benefits of interacting with technology and how can we use that technology to help people who may be emotionally suffering or lonely.” 

Gina Silva found out about these new robots offering romance. Watch the full report above.

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