Road rage scare caught on camera in Roseville

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A heated confrontation on the road in Roseville had one woman fearing for her life. She says the scary case of road rage -- which was caught on camera -- happened to her while she was driving her kids to school. 

Lauren Wedlow had just dropped off one of her three children Wednesday morning, and her 2-year-old was in the backseat at the time. The 28-year-old went to the police afterward and says there is now a warrant out for that man's arrest.

"He's behind me, riding, tailgating. When someone in front of me stopped, he then proceeded to get upset because I stopped and he was behind me," she says.

She says the man nearly ran her off the road, called her the n-word and threatened to kill her. That's when she picked up her phone.

"Because he saw that I was in my car recording his license plate and got out the car and proceeded to come towards me and try to unlock my car," Wedlow says. "He had so much rage in his eyes, like he really wanted to grab me out my car."

Lauren's husband, Jarvis, is livid. He says the man who threatened his wife would've held his tongue had he been in the car.

"We have an adult male who's willing to get out of his vehicle and approach my wife's vehicle and even attempted to open her door," Jarvis says. "That's what really gets me pissed, for a lack of a better word."

At one point Lauren got out of her car to get a better look at the man and license plate on his pickup truck. She had only captured the license plate on his trailer before. She handed the footage over to Roseville Police, who are now investigating.

"This is an incident where I can stand up for myself and I can show the police this is what's really happening on the freeway, this is what's happening," she says. "I didn't do anything wrong, driving the speed limit, and this man is mad and cut me off and got out his car for no apparent reason."

Lauren said that she plans on meeting with the city's attorney next week and she plans on pressing charges against the man in the video.