Rochester Hills woman charged with robbing grandparents at gunpoint

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Robin Dumoulin is accused of robbing her own grandparents at gunpoint.

"It's horrible. It's a horrible crime," said Lt. Keith Spencer, Royal Oak Police.

She allegedly had the help of Joshua Martin, 19, and Jamal Mobley, 17, both of Detroit.  All three including Dumoulin of Rochester Hills, were arraigned on six counts including armed robbery and felony firearm Thursday.

"I didn't do any of this," Mobley said.  

"Well you're presumed innocent until you are proven guilty," the judge said.

Royal Oak police say the trio broke into Dumoulin's grandparents' home on Elmhurst after midnight Tuesday, robbing the elderly couple at gunpoint and pushing the grandfather to the floor. They fled with cash, iPads and a cell phone.
"To have a family member also implicated in that same incident, makes it even more terrifying for them," Spencer said.

Police say Dumoulin may have been the ringleader in a relationship with Martin.

"My client doesn't have any prior criminal history," said Dumoulin's attorney. "This is not in her character in what I know."

While Mobley is also said to have no criminal history Martin was previously charged for carrying a concealed weapon in Wayne County.

"I don't understand this firearm charged because I don't have a firearm," said Martin. "I had my holster and my gun and my shirt over my holster. That's the only reason I got this charge."

The judge called this crime extreme and "absolutely evil."

Dumoulin was given a $400,000 cash bond, Martin $300,000 and Mobley $250,000. Police don't seem surprised.
"When you take into account you have someone from your own family that is alleged to have participated in it, it's a tragedy all around," Spencer said.

All three face life in prison and are expected to be back in court in a few weeks.