Ron Savage honored at Capitol ceremony among Michigan first responders

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A somber ceremony was held on the floor of the Michigan House Thursday.

The memorial service first began on the 10-year-anniversary of the September 11 attacks to remember the victims of that tragedy.

They now also honor Michigan's first responders who have lost their lives over the last year.

"It really is a way to honor those who gave their all in the last year," said State Rep. Jim Runestad. "And (in) trying to help and serve the residents of Michigan."

The names of the brave men and women, read aloud one-by-one. That includes our friend, former FOX 2 anchor, reporter, and Milford firefighter, Ron Savage.

Runestad invited Ron's family to the event, hoping it can bring them some measure of comfort.

"I was very honored that we were invited to come to this," said Tom Savage, Ron's brother. "Having this at the capital like this, this was something Ron was all-in for, something he really loved - the fire department. To have recognition like this would have meant the world to him and it really means a lot to us."

"He gave back to the community, he was one of the first responders for trying to make a difference in his personal life and in talking with his family that's the way he was with everything. He gave it 100 percent and gave his all trying to make a difference."

Ron Savage was our hero, a gentle giant with a big laugh, and a bigger heart. We love you Ron, and we miss you, every day.