Roseville clothing shop hosting toy drive Saturday, Dec. 12

Detroit Grind Strong, a clothing store in Roseville, is doing a toy giveaway on Saturday, Dec. 12. 

The owners of the store want to be more than businessmen and for them, that means reaching out and serving their community.

"Two of my business partners, we agreed to come up with a solution to try to help give back and we thought of a toy drive," said Marlan Collier. "We got to look out for each other. We've got to have each other's backs."

"If you are going to be here asking people to do business with you, give back to the same community in which you are placed in," James Alexander said.

On Friday, the business owners and their helpers up for the toy drive. From soccer and basketballs to electric keyboards, the new toys were lined up one-by-one waiting to get into the hands of bright-eyed boys and girls.

As Marlan set up for this event, he can’t help but think back to his own childhood at Christmas time. 

"I came from a less fortunate type of lifestyle. We didn’t have a lot so I do understand what it means to go Christmases without having things," Collier said.

So these men are pulling their own resources together along with the help of donations from their family and they’re working to make sure other kids in Metro Detroit don’t have that experience of a bleak Christmas.

"If you can make it to our doors, there you go. Have at it," James Alexander said.

The business owners admit they could just donate money or toys to a charity but felt having kids come to the store snd pick out a toy without the family paying any money was a better way.

They'll also have masks and hand sanitizer and also plan to only let one family in the store at a time. 

The giveaway is from 12 - 7 p.m. 

Detroit Grind Strong is located at 28345 Gratiot Avenue.