Search continues for 55-year-old Katrina Williams, who went missing in 2017

The pain of a mother on full display.

"My heart is still hurting cause I still have no clue or have any indication as the where that child is," said Janie Williams.

Janie is mother to Katrina Williams, who went missing in January of 2017. Her family has little idea of what happened to her.


"I miss her from calling me every day wherever she be, she'd be calling me every day," Janie said. "I miss that."

Family gathered on Wednesday, which was Katrina's birthday. They prayed and hoped she would walk through the front door and erase all the pain mounted over the years. 

"She would have been 55 and I would give anything to see her the day on her birthday," said Janie.

Katrina's sister Lorraine Bell said her sister is a survivor. She had suffered two strokes and needed medication and would never just disappear. Despite the lack of knowledge of her wherebouts, Katrina's family believe an abusive boyfriend may have some answers. 

"When he used to fight her sometimes, she would come stay at my house for a few days and then she go back over to him," said Lorraine Bell, Katrina's sister.

Family members also say Katrina was last seen on Detroit's east side in the same area where an alleged serial rapist was picked up this summer by police. That man has since been charged with kidnapping, assault and sexual assault of several women. Her family ponders if Katrina could be one of his victims.

"The area she left from was the 7 Mile and Gratiot area," said Carla Williams, another sister of Katrina.

Police say they are still investigating but have no new developments. 

The family continues to search for answers on their own, even going so far as to call the Wayne County morgue wondering if her body is there.

"Could they please contact us, the police, crime stoppers. Reach out, let somebody know that she's okay," said Carla.

"Baby I love you. Please come home. Your mama needs you. I miss you, I love you," said Janie.