Senior preys on fellow senior - stealing wallet after carrying groceries

It appeared to be a kind gesture - a woman between 65 and 70 years old offered to help another woman about her age carry her groceries into her apartment building in Riverview.

It happened last Monday afternoon at the King's Forest Apartments on Fort Street when police say she reluctantly agreed. According to the report she even told the stranger she was lonely as they were talking, but then things took a turn. 

Police say the woman put her bag down on a chair and turned around to unload her groceries when she realized the stranger was gone without saying goodbye.

She went through her bag and realized her wallet was missing. Inside the wallet - $325.

Police say the suspect is a white female, 5 feet, 3 inches, about 65 to 70 years old with shoulder length grey hair.

"You can't trust anybody now days," said neighbor Gary Elliott. "They don't care they don't care anymore, it's dog eat dog, worse than ever."

"Especially 2 senior citizens robbing each other," said neighbor Lisa Carbery.

"It doesn't surprise me, it's sad," Elliott said.

If you think you've seen this woman - please call Riverview police at (734) 281-4222.