Sex assault charges reinstated against Mateen Cleaves

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A judge has reinstated sex assault charges against Mateen Cleaves.

On Monday it was announced that the former Michigan State University basketball star will stand trial for sexually assaulting a 24-year-old woman after a charity golf outing in Genesee County. Cleaves allegedly raped the woman and held her against her will at a Flint area motel in 2015.

Last December Circuit Court Judge Cathy Dowd dismissed the charges, saying she had not heard enough evidence. The Wayne County Prosecutor's office appealed the decision citing conflict of interest which led to the charges being reinstated Monday.

No date for the pretrial of Cleaves has been set.

At the time of the December decision, Cleaves spoke about his relief.

"I am very grateful that my lawyer fought for my life as if I was his own son," Cleaves said afterward. "I am just grateful I had support from some of my closest people."

The case was supposed to come down to surveillance video, which the prosecution says showed a naked Cleaves physically pulling a naked woman back into the motel room twice. In addition, a key witness - a woman who was staying at the motel - claims she saw it happen. The security camera video was never shown during the hearings.


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But Judge Dowd felt the evidence did not add up, since the woman invited him to the bar and left with him voluntarily. She even went to a busy gas station, but never asked for help.